Stand Still -to- Move Forward

The disrupted labor market affects us all, employers and employees. Although circumstances are equal for everyone, the personal effects are different. As we talk about work, the disruption of the labourmarket accelerates the changes that were already started by the impact of Robotization and AI.

Quess what. As an employee you are responsible for your development. If you know what your essential skills are (what you can do), you can invest in them and you know where your future lies.

As an employer, you need to facilitate employees by this process!

So employee, what is “Your power to change”? How do you adapt to these changing circumstances?
Is there still a future for you with your current employer or is it time to take on a new challenge and develop yourself further in a new job? That is not a puzzle or a quiz but a quest for yourself that ends in a short presentation about yourself in which you can tell about your added value.
What do you have to say, where do you start with your story and more importantly, how do you immediately leave a crushing impression? That’s why we give to you:


It makes sense that you worry about the changing of the labor market. Work changes but with you prepare yourself for your future.

Welcome to Xelfer; start profiling and find out what you want and who you are.

Embrace the standing still and use it to your advantage and look for your strength as strong values.

Time to mirror yourself and make your my-Xelfie.


As an employer you know that work changes but how do you prepare your employees for their future and therefor your company?

Welcome to Xelfer. Give them a profile so they can find out what they want and who they are. So you can get the best out of your employees and upgrade your company.

Take action is what we call Go-Xelfer.


Not everybody likes traveling alone. Sometimes you just need a little bit of help to get better insides.

Are you in to become a Talker and help people to explain there Xelfie by a new, scientifically proven profiling and communication tool?


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