Stand Still -to- Move Forward

The disrupted labor market affects us all, employers and employees. Although circumstances are equal for everyone, the personal effects are different.

As an employer you know that work changes but how do you prepare your employees for their future?

Welcome to Xelfer. Give them a profile so they can find out  what they want and who they are. Embrace the standing still,  and use it to your advantage and look for their strength as strong values.

As an employer, you need to get an inside on the skills of your employees. So you can facilitate them in making the best choices, in there current job, there next job or a job with a new company.

Give your employee a voucher to gain insight into their skills

tHE END OF THE YEAR is just around the corner. LET’S NOT END 2022 WITH A BASIC performance reviewS


How Xelfer works


By invitation or simply by publication on your own internal website

Start profiling

Employees can easily create there profile and get there first insight into Who they are! and What they want!

Get a report

The Xelfer report makes employees stand stille and rethink and mirror themselves.

Book a Talker

To get moving employees can book a talker session. Talkers can be provided by Xelfer or you can use your own HR department or Managers

Create a Xelfie

Our or your own certified Talker will guide the employee through the making of thier Xelfie. Knowing what they really want is what they get.

Go Xelfer

Now that they know “Who they are”, “What they want” and “What there options are”, it is time to …

discover the strong values of your employees.

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