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Xelfer Academy provides Talker and Coach training. Furthermore, Xelfer Academy monitors the quality of the method and those who use the method in their daily coaching practice.

    • Are you in to become a Talker and help people to explain there Xelfie?
    • Do you have already affinity with guiding people and organization and are you responsible for the (further) development of human potential?
    • Are you ready for a new, scientifically proven profiling and communication tool?
    • Do you want to develop yourself further, fill your toolbox and work with candidates and teams from a strong, in-depth and yet easily applicable methodology?

In the Xelfer courses you will be taken into the world of profiling, reflecting, communication, coaching and (personal) development in an enthusiastic and insightful way.

Our effective profiling and communication methodology, which originated in Norway, can be used for recruitment, HR, vitality, coaching, training and development. Xelfer is based on the VIP24 program.

The methodology is widely used, both in terms of profiling and in organizations and has now achieved a large range of successes in the world.

Do you want to know more about the courses Xelfer Academy provides and get free access to our platform.


In this training of one day you will get the tools to guide people in identifying their strong values. Through a talk in our automatic booking system on our platform you help people to create a Xelfie (personal profile).

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How is the training structured?

  • Going through theory on our e-learning platform
  • A day training, strong values learn to identify a person plus use of platform.
  • Create a profile report
  • For this unique learning experience you only pay 395 euros per person.

Advantages of Xelfer for a talker:

  • Accessible way to get in touch with candidates
  • Via an automated system contribution to the Xelfie of the candidate.

Be able to indicate your available hours yourself in the system to do talks. So that candidates are linked to you as a talker via an automatic system.


In three training days you will be trained as a professional in the methodology and all parts of Xelfer.

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In this training you will learn:

  • Knowing the theories behind Xelfer’s methodology
  • How to reduce and interpret digital profiling
  • What the 4 profiles entail, the correlation between the profiles, how the profiles relate to each other and how you can give feedback?
  • In addition to identifying strong values of people, you also learn to reflect in the environments (work – private – leisure).
  • Visualize (possible) energy leaks, create your awareness and show the candidate how he / she acts when he / she uses his potential optimally.
  • You will be offered valuable tools that you can use immediately during a profile interview and /or coaching session. So that you immediately create movement in the candidate to take action and achieve intended goals/results (process oriented, from insight to transition to action)
  • Experience innovative coaching techniques to add to your toolbox.

How is the training structured:

  1. Going through theory on our e-learning platform
  2. Two consecutive days of training. In a very interactive way we take you deeper into the methodology. Are you also partly working cooperatively with each other to try out, practice and sharpen what you have learned, with the result that you also develop yourself further and provide sufficient knowledge and tools to become a certified coach.
  3. Third day is a day where we give feedback to each other and learn from our experiences.
  4. Create a report from a profile. The report clearly shows that you understand the theory behind the scientific models and how to apply them in daily practice. In addition, you show that you   deal with the methodology in an ethical and responsible manner.

Certified Coaches indicate that Xelfer’s methodology is distinctive and immediately encourages the candidates to move and develop.  The methodology further professionalizes and develops their as a coach.  Thismethodology is  a powerful addition to skills and toolbox.

‘I worked with a different type of profiling scan for 25 years. But working with this methodology offers much more nuanced profiles. Multiple dimensions (preference, interests, values and skills, ‘energy leaks’).’

‘Finally a tool that not only provides insight, but also encourages action. Makes strong values and personal development points visible and uses potential in the right way’

“The profiling provides insights into the current situation, but also into the desired situation. Based on these insights, I actively coach candidates and motivate them to choose for themselves and their own well-being and to start a proactive dialogue with their environment. Both work and private’


In your role, are you involved in a guidance-change process in an organization? Then the Teammap is ideal to use as a tool. It can be perfectly combined with other coaching tools in the field of career development, vitality or personal development.

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TeamMap is an excellent tool to help teams with changes, such as new projects, reorganizations or recruitment. By investing some time in a TeamMap process, you can ensure that the team is coordinated and roles are well distributed based on quality and talent, and optimize understanding between team members. This results in increased efficiency and good communication and ensures optimal cooperation in the company.

Ideally suited for teams that:

  • Have set up challenging KPi’s
  • Experience a high stress level
  • Want to record tasks and responsibilities
  • Want to promote collaboration and communication
  • Want to increase dynamics between the generations

To be able to safeguard this process, it is necessary to be certified for the Xelfer team folder.

How does Teammap work?

First of all, the team members each individually fill in the Xelfer profiling. A Xelfer coach then discusses the profiling separately with all team members.  This is followed by a joint session, Teammap, to link interests and team roles to the objectives you have jointly set. With Teammap it becomes clear, among other things, whether the right people are on board to achieve the objectives and which hidden talents have still been hiding.  The TeamMap ensures that team members not only gain insight into themselves, but also into other team members. Qualities, development opportunities and pitfalls become clear from both the team and individual team members.

winter is just around the corner. Therefor we now offer weekly Courses, in december, at a reduced rate! 


How Xelfer works


By invitation or simply because you want to move forward yourself

Start profiling

Easily create your free profile and get your first insight into Who you are! and What you want!

Get your report

The Xelfer report makes you stand stille and rethink and mirror yourself.

Book a Talker

To get moving you need to book a Talker.

Create your Xelfie

Our certified Talker will guide you through the making of your Xelfie. Knowing what you really want is what you get.

Go Xelfer

Now that you know “Who you are”, “What you want” and “What your options are”, it is time to …

Think about yourself and discover your strong values.

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